She loves to laugh.
If you’re not the one making her laugh,
she’ll find ways to do so on her own.

She’s very sassy.
Approach her in the wrong way, you’ll receive her fangs.

She loves the color pink.
Throw some gold in the mix,
she becomes a sucker for it.

She doesn’t like kids.
Autumn, Averie, Fisher, and Dante are the only exceptions.

She loves Trey Songz.
He is her lowkey baby daddy.

She doesn’t smoke sativa strains.
She hates the feeling, and only indica will soothe her aching pain.

She enjoys watching Spongebob.
Her workplace won’t allow it though.

She loves musicals.
In fact, she had performed in some as a child.

She loves dogs.
She plans on owning a Frenchie one day and name him/her “Chomper” (‘The Land Before Time’ reference).

She loves her siblings, deeply.
Even though she’s stubborn and speaks ill of her older sister, deep down she truly cares. She wishes she knew of why their relationship is the way it is.

She loves to sing.
Good vibes and making videos as JMID are her past time.

She puts up a tough front.
Underneath her many layers is a very caring person who would leap realms for you.

She let me experience it.

She shared herself as I did.

She took me as I am.

She reignited a feeling I thought I had lost long ago.


She belongs to someone else.

She wants him to change.

She can’t be with me.